Small steps, Big Impact

Here to make your steps count

Our Vision and Mission

VIAL is building with the future of the internet in mind. Our vision is of a world that is based on the ownership economy, financial inclusion, transparency, and fair allocation of capital.

Our core mission is to encourage you to get up and move outdoors, whether that’s moving towards a healthier you or a healthier planet.

Why? Because when you look after your health, you benefit society. You are more productive. After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value.

How it works?

Turn your movement into mining sessions. The more you walk, run, jump, sweat and burn calories, the
healthier you get, the better the rewards!

  1. Download and Sign-Up in VIAL APP
  2. Move outdoor and burn energy
  3. Earn handsome rewards

Being a Web3 lifestyle app, VIAL aims to promote a better lifestyle and a greener planet by incentivizing walking

Combat climate change and connect directly to Web 3.0.

Get ready!

How do VIAL coins get their value?

  • A marketplace consisting of a network of local & international businesses
  • Digital products & services only accessible through VIAL
  • Innovative web3 offering

And more to be unveiled with our upcoming reveals


Q1 2023

  • Finishing up VIAL architecture design, token model and whitepaper 1.1
  • Participation in domestic innovation events
  • Strengthening and nurturing the crypto community in Albanian-speaking countries
  • Setting up Discord server to provide free education and access to information for ViAl Community
  • VIAL App development and beta-testing
  • Discussion Panel event about Cryptoassets
  • Discord server AMA and educational training
  • VIAL App Soft Launch

Q2 2023

  • Community events and activities
  • Product Ideation of VIAL Rewards
  • Partnerships with important stakeholders
  • Important updates on ViAl App: Auctions
  • Marketing campaign of ViAl Auctions and green economy
  • Implementation of the 1st stage of VIAL Architecture
  • Development of ViAl Rewards
  • ViAl App Launch Event

H2 2023

  • Strengthening crypto culture through our community channels and social presence
  • Product design of VIAL Wallet
  • Business Development campaign focused on ViAl Rewards
  • Launch of Rewards app
  • Marketing campaign focusing on VIAL Rewards
  • Expanding the network of stakeholders and partners
  • Development of VIAL Wallet & DID
  • Participation in key crypto conferences
  • Crypto education campaign about Web3 products
  • Private Raise
  • Continuous development of VIAL infrastructure
  • Community expansion campaign reaching diaspora participants

H1 2024

  • Launch of ViAl Wallet & D-ID
  • Business development focused on expanding ViAl Wallet
  • Marketing campaign focused on Web3 value proposition and ViAl products  
  • Assisting public stakeholders on crypto regulation needs
  • Community events and partnerships on Web3 space 
  • Implementation of the 2nd stage of VIAL Architecture
  • Developing ViAl token smart-contracts 
  • Testing and auditing of smart-contracts
  • Strengthening the presence of ViAl in the global crypto ecosystem

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