ViAl – The Web 3.0 App that Rewards You for Each Step You Take

ViAl is an innovative app that rewards you for walking. Yes, you read that right! We believe that every step you take has value not just for your physical and mental well-being, but also for the community around you. That's why we've created ViAl, a simple yet powerful app that measures your steps and rewards you with unique virtual points called ViAl points.

The more you walk, run, dance, sweat, and burn calories, the healthier you become, and the better the rewards from ViAl. We have designed the app to be easy to use and have incorporated a unique algorithm that converts your steps into ViAl points. You can use these points to access various products and services in the ViAl Marketplace, which will be available soon.

We understand that privacy is of utmost importance, which is why we want to be clear that we will never sell your data. In fact, we are implementing ViAl ID, a self-sovereign identity, to enable you to monetize the data you share with third parties.

We've chosen to integrate ViAl with Google Fit and Apple Health to measure your steps accurately. The app is currently in its beta testing phase, and the final version will be released soon.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the ViAl experience, we are introducing a new feature called ViAl Auction. This feature will allow you to bid on products and services using the ViAl points you earn from walking. The bidding process is simple and exciting, with businesses within the ViAl network offering new products and services every week. The person with the highest bid at the end of the bidding period wins the product or service. Stay tuned for more information on the ViAl Marketplace, which will also be available soon.

In conclusion, ViAl is the app you've been waiting for to motivate you to take those extra steps each day. It's an app that rewards you for being healthy, and it's designed to make you happier, healthier, and more energetic. So, what are you waiting for? Download ViAl today and start walking towards a healthier and happier life!

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